Sunday, January 18, 2015


Walter Brennan at Woodstock?????? Nah... it's Wavy Gravy, the Hog Farm leader, who entertained the crowd with his comedy and pranks... reciting fairy tales on stage in between announcements. He also gave psychological comfort to kids on bummed-out acid trips at the festival.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Some familiar faces at Woodstock. Clockwise from left:  HUGH ROMNEY (later known as Wavy Gravy, the hippie version of Walter Brennan) was a member of the Hog Farm who lead the Please Patrol during the festival. JOHN MORRIS, a former member of the Fillmore East staff, was the MC and Production Coordinator. MEL LAWRENCE, the Director of Operations, was responsible for every technical aspect of the festival and made the impossible workable from the very beginning to the last detail. BILL GRAHAM, owner of both Fillmore East and West, was representing some west coast bands at the festival. CHIP MONCK, the Stage Lighting Designer, was asked to share announcement chores on stage and eventually became the official voice of Woodstock.