Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Working day and night to put my book together became one of the happiest times in my life. Learning so much doing all the research, arranging the facts in the right chronological order, finding out who was responsible for what and what kind of individual feelings they all had about it, gave me the sense of being part of the whole thing. It was like a spiritual experience. I became so intimate with the event and the players, that I finally realized I had achieved an old dream of mine: To be at Woodstock.
As Jerry Garcia once said: "The thing about Woodstock was that you could feel the presence of invisible time travelers from the future who had come back to see it."
I believe I was one of them.


  1. Rogerio, thanks for sharing this. If ever I get to own your book, I'll always remember what you said about creating it.

  2. Hi Rogerio my name is Justin Orr, I am an illustrator/ animator from Northern California, I was wondering if you ever did any illustrations for CARtoons magazine back in the 80s?

  3. I am really excited about this project! Along with you and your storytelling I hope to feel as though I was also there

  4. I'm wondering if your book will ever be available for purchase?