Sunday, October 28, 2012


Swami's opening remarks on stage at Woodstock:
"My beloved sisters and brothers, I am overwhelmed with joy to see the youth of America gathered here in the name of the fine art of music. In fact, through music we can work wonders... One thing I very much wish you all to remember: with sound we can make or break. On certain battlefields animal sounds are used. Without such sounds - war cries - humans beings couldn't become the kind of animals that kill their own brethren. So I am very happy to see we are all gathered to create some 'making' sounds rather than 'breaking' sounds, to find that peace and joy through the celestial music. I am honored for having been given the opportunity of opening this great, great music festival.
America leads the world in several ways. Very recently, when I was in the East, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi asked me, 'What's happening in America?' I said, 'America is becoming a whole. America is helping everybody in the material field, but the time has come for America to help the whole world with spirituality also.'
That's why across its length and breadth, we see people, thousands and thousands of people, yoga-minded, spiritual-minded. So let all our actions and all our arts express yoga or unity. Through the sacred art of music let us find peace that will pervade all over the globe. Often people shout, 'We are going to fight for peace!' I still do not understand how they are going to fight and then find peace. Therefore, let us not fight for peace, but let us find peace within ourselves first.
The future of the whole world is in your hands. You can make it or break it. But you are really here to make the world and not to break it. There is a dynamic manpower here. Hearts are meeting...
I, with all my heart, wish a great, great success to this music festival. Let it pave the way for many more festivals in other parts of the country... The entire world is going to know what America youth can do for humanity. Every one of you should feel responsibility for the outcome of this festival. Once again, let me express my sincere wish and prayers for the success and peace of this celebration. Thank you."

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