Friday, April 27, 2012


While living in Sao Paulo in 1976, I became a professional cartoonist when I began working for the Brazilian version of Cracked Magazine at the largest Publishing Company in South America, Editora ABRIL. In Brazil it was named PANCADA, and half of the magazine consisted of original American material translated to Portuguese. The other half was done by Brazilian cartoonists picturing Brazil's reality back in the late seventies. It was then that I started developing my own style inspired by the great ones from MAD Magazine. Here are some samples of my very early work. I did inside material and back cover gags, the front covers aren't mine. The little girl kicking Alfred Newman's butt is Monica from the famous Brazilian little gang created by Mauricio de Souza.

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  1. very cool. really like your artwork. I grew up reading Cracked magazine in the 70s/80s. I'd never knew this existed.